self esteem and the media.

im talking about something I dont have. Self confidence.
there is always something you dont like about your self.
as a teenager you have movies and magazines and music videos and models
telling you to look this way and that and setting this un reachable standard.
photo shop is putting absolutley fake. I spend a hour at least once a week straightening my curly hair when I was younger i used to embrace it. let it down and show it off now I cannot spend more than a day with it like that. Thats sad. I admit it. I have a problem. Everyone has that one thing that we hate about our selves for me its my hair. I love the rest of my body my height Im small I think its cute. My eyes are big and brown. My weight im under weight and Im fit even though i dont do any sports but going to the gym everyonce and a while. Its important for us as people to realize the things we love about ourselves so in the comments list 3 things you love about yourself you dont have to have a reason to love it. 

Have a great week lovelies.


Feminism (disclaimer it maybe controversial)

As a young woman I believe in feminism
for the core reason that I want to get paid the same amount as a man who does the same job as me. No more not less. the exact same.
also unequal standards
why do girls get drilled for having fuzz on their legs
but boys and men don’t
the other day in the locker room at school someone made a comment about me having hair on my legs
and how she has a pair of leggings in her locker that I could wear during gym to cover up my legs.
I simply refused the offer.
the girl looked at me shocked
like what I was doing was criminal.
Not shaving or waxing my legs
Why are we taught that the hair on our body isn’t right.
It is your natural body own it.
any man who thinks that hair on a girl’s legs is disgusting should try having to wax and shave multiple times a month.
Any man who thinks that having peach fuzz is nasty does not deserve to be with anyone

any woman who doesn’t believe in feminism
doesn’t believe in her self.
Feminism isn’t hating men.
Feminism isn’t thinking women should be higher up than men
it is about equality of the sexes.

what do you think about feminism?
do you agree or disagree with what I have said?

xoxo zoe


first kisses and relationships

the first kiss. as a teen girl the pressure is on to have your first kiss.
it is expected
to have that one amazing leg popping spark flying kiss.
but is that really what happens.
what if you regret it.
what if it isnt what you think
carrying on middle school relationships
aren’t they stupid
but at the same time they are not
when is the proper time to start dating?
I personally think highschool. like 2nd year. middle school is very young
do kids my age even know what the point of dating is?
the point of dating is to find someone to marry.
not a go an have pizza with and chill on the weekends but to MARRY.
Luckily dating is not a option for me yet until I am 16(I think there schould be a year taken off of my sentace tbh)
i think that keeping your child from something makes them want to do it even more
my mum says that she doesn’t want me making mistakes but isn’t making mistakes part of life and learning?

The start of something new.(all about me)

My first blog post wow.Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 5.18.02 PM

I have decided to start this blog based on the fact that there isn’t a ton of ugly,insecure confused teenage girls out there. I plan on posting at least once a week probably on fridays. Mainly my content is about being a teen and sort of my horrible life experiences and sort of finding myself.

So about me.

I am a 13-year-old female of the species. I live in the US but do a ton of traveling with my family. I love love music. I don’t play any sports at all (i quit all of them…yikes). I play 7 instruments. I love skateboarding. I dye my hair quite often. I’m quirky,loud and  awkward. I listen to MCR,5SOS, 1D, nirvana, sam smith, beyoncé and a ton more (the 1975, george ezra, hozier, adele,EXO).

so enough about me tell me about yourself below

okay xoxo zoe